The 2014 East Coast Convoy arrives at East Coast Rally on
May 8th, 2014

The East Coast Convoy is based on traveling to WAC/B&G MVT Rally and Flea Market with the idea of promoting "Safety In Numbers". Due to the ages of military vehicles, they can be slow on the highways and prone to breakdowns. The East Coast Convoy provides a way for military vehicle owners to travel with their fellow enthusiasts to overcome any unexpected problems. Traveling in a convoy is not only fun but safe!

The East Coast Convoy was started by Bruce Kalin of Barnegat, NJ. The first convoy was held in 2003 with forty five vehicles participating. The route stretched from Canada to Florida and included vehicles from WWII to the present. Many thanks go to Bruce for creating a way for military vehicle owners to proudly travel the highways and display their vehicles to the general public. His determination has made this a yearly event that many of us look forward to.

Much time is put into the preparation and safety of the convoy. Please take a moment and thank the volunteers who put this event together. Please visit our sponsors since they also play an active roll in making the convoy a reality.

Convoy T-Shirts!

Ok folks - East Coast Convoy 2014 T-shirts are available to be ordered! They'll be your ticket to get into the supper that Cabell will be hosting on Friday at 6pm. Pick up shirts from Cabell at his Aberdeen vendor area (vendor area yellow U5).

$15 each and available in sizes S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL and will be a 50/50 cotton sturdy shirt.

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